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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hofbrauhause, Las Vegas

Before we headed to the airport, we had lunch at Hofbrauhaus. It's located at 4510 Paradise Rd. I found a Travelzoo deal and got $40 off lunch.

There are long tables inside, reminiscent of Octoberfest in Munich.

Potato Pancakes with Applesauce--$10.50. These were just okay. 

Creamy Bavarian Potato Soup with Fresh Vegetables and Sliced Sausage--$6 & Soup of the Day--$6. Both were salty.

Top: Roasted Pork Sausage with Imported Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes--$14. Middle: Sausage Plate with with Vienna Style Frankfurter, Pork & Chicken Sausage, Imported Sauerkraut, Mashed Potatoes and Onion Mustard--$16. Bottom--Two of Munich's White Sausages (Veal & Pork) with Freshly Baked Pretzel and Sweet Mustard Imported from Munich--$14. Loved all the sausages.

Jaegerschnitzel--Pork Cutlet topped with creamy mushroom sauce, bacon, onions, served with spaetzle and cranberries--$19. The pork was good and the spaetzle was delicious.

Black Forest Cake--$9. Definitely not worth it. This was dry and a small portion.

Apple Streudel--$10. Another disappointment.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Raku Sweets

Nearby, in the same strip mall, is Raku Sweets. They serve fancy desserts. You can get a 2-course dessert for $15.

The options for the first course were Earl Grey Creme Brûlée

or Raspberry Sorbet.

This dessert was called Mars. The dessert is delivered

then a flaming brandy sauce is poured over it and the dome deflates. The dome was yuzu mousse and chocolate cream with hazelnut and assorted fruit covered with white chocolate and flambeed with brandy.

Ichigo--balloon shaped thin white chocolate cup filled with pie crust and strawberry mousse. Served with strawberry candy filled with strawberry sorbet and condensed milk mousse.

As if dessert wasn't enough, you could get a wine pairing for an additional $7.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018


My favorite place to eat in Las Vegas is Raku. It's located at 5030 Spring Mountain Road.

Raku's Tofu--$5.50. This is the best tofu I have ever had. It's so smooth and creamy. We each had one then split a final one.

Pork Ear--$3. I love the crunch of the cartilage.

Takana Inari--$4. This was meh--nothing too exciting.

Kobe Beef Tendon--$3.50. Love how soft the tendon is.

Juicy Deep Fried Chicken--$10. This was not worth it.

Enoki Mushroom with Bacon--$3. Hard to eat. Better get your own.

Crispy Asparagus Okaki--$5. Loved these.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Daisho Sushi

Happy Hour was at Daisho Sushi. Happy Hour is daily from 3-6pm and 9pm-close.

It's located in a strip mall at 7435 S. Eastern Avenue

The sushi special rolls are 50% off during Happy Hour. Snow White Roll--$6. Albacore roll, super white tuna, avocado, scallion, masago, garlic sauce.

Dragon Roll--$6.50 (HH price). California roll with eel.

Triple Bomb Roll--$7.50 (HH price). Mixed spicy fish, avocado, cucumber, rainbow sauce.

Crazy Roll--$6 (HH price). Spicy crab, spicy scallop, tuna, salmon, jalapeño.

Miso black cod--$5.95. I was hoping these would be melt-in-your-mouth but they weren't

Spicy Tuna Cracker--$4.95. Fried sushi rice with spicy tuna.

Tonkatsu ramen--$9.95. This was okay. Too much meat and the broth was a little heavy.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spa Day at Hard Rock Hotel

Found a Travelzoo deal for $99 for a spa day at the Hard Rock Hotel, including a 50-minute massage or facial and a glass of champagne.

Unfortunately, on the day we were there, the indoor pool was closed for renovation.

There is a whirlpool, a sauna and steam bath in the men's and in the women's bathrooms. There was a co-ed lounge where you could relax before or after your spa treatment. There were cold drinks and fruit in the lounge.

My massage was one of the best I have ever had.

2018 12 04

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Homie's Cinnamon Rolls

I had read about Homie's Cinnamon Rolls on Yelp.

It's located at 3035 E. Tropicana Ave. 

Trays of cinnamon rolls are displayed in a little case in the front of the cafe. In addition to the cinnamon rolls, they also serve other breakfast items, including eggs and French toast.

We ordered one each of the Original ($3.75), Awesome Apple ($3.85), Ragin' Raisin ($3.85) & Pecan Pleasure ($4.25). 

They're good but not so good to uber or lyft to it. If you have your own car, it's worth the short drive from the strip.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Bellagio Conservatory

When in Vegas, we always stop by Bellagio to check out the Conservatory.

We were there in December and the theme was Christmas.

Adorable polar bear all in flowers.

2018 12 03