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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


From Manaca, it was another 20 minutes to Feneta (FNTA).

Scenery en-route

At times, the train track was next to the road

At one point, the engine pulled away from the train, went around and hooked up at the end of the train. The engine pushed the cars into Feneta.

End of the line

Feneta is an abandoned sugar mill. Admission to the Museo del Azucar (Sugar Museum) is 1 CUC.

You can wander around the old mill but there's not much explanation for what you're seeing.

Abandoned machinery, most made in the US.

There was a small museum with old financial books.

If you didn't want to tour the grounds, you could have a drink or a snack. It would be a very long hour waiting for the train to leave.

We arrived back in Trinidad at 2:30 pm. I wouldn't say this is a don't miss. If you have extra time in Trinidad, it's something to do. Otherwise, if you're pressed for time, skip it.

2017 03 11

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Manaca-Iznaga Estate

About an hour from Trinidad, we arrived at the Manaca-Iznaga Estate.

The tiny train station is located a 2-minute walk from the estate.

You can walk toward the tower of the estate or just follow the crowd.

The colonial mansion is now a gift shop and restaurant.

Rocking benches in the portico

The bell that once hung in the tower now sits in front of the mansion. It was used to ring the start and  the end of each work day.

Pots used to process sugar

You can climb the 7-story tower to get a bird's eye view of the estate and surrounding countryside.

Admission is 1 CUC ($1) or 2 CUPs ($0.08).

The path between the mansion and the tower is lined by vendors.

The mansion from an aerial view.

Rickety wooden staircases inside the tower.

The Tourist train waits for about an hour, just enough time to tour the mansion and tower.

Alternatively, you can take a tour bus from Trinidad.

2017 03 11

Monday, May 29, 2017

Valle de Los Ingenios

The area surrounding Trinidad used to be home to large sugar plantations and mills. You can take a tourist train to visit the Valle de Los Ingenios or Valley of the Mills.

The train station is located in the southwestern part of Trinidad, 1.2 km and 15 minute walk from Plaza Mayor.

Show up at the train station at 9 am to buy tickets for the 9:30 departure. Tickets are 15 CUCs roundtrip for adults, 12 CUCs for kids.

Tourists waiting for the train to arrive.

The train is supposed to be pulled by a steam engine but it's often broken down. More often than not, it's pulled by a diesel engine. The cars are wooden

with open sides

There is a bar onboard and the beer is reasonable.

Leaving Trinidad

past beautiful countryside

with the Sierra del Escambray in the background

and open valleys in the foreground

2017 03 11

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sol y Son Restaurante

Dinner was at Sol y Son. We went at 7 pm and were able to get a table despite no reservations. The restaurant is located at 283 Calle Desengano, in an elegant 19th century home.

Beautiful table setting.

I ordered the Sol y Son Colonial--2 CUCs. It had 3 year old rum, blue curaƧao and lemon soda. I was not a fan.

Lobster with Pineapple in Ginger Sauce--13 CUCs. The lobster was good but the sauce was too sweet.

Chicken in Creole Mole Sauce--11.95 CUCs. My husband liked this. It was a little spicy though.

Flan--1.95 CUCs.

There was a live band. We liked the music and purchased a CD for 10 CUCs.

2017 03 10

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Restaurante El Dorado

Lunch was at Restaurante El Dorado, located just a block north of the Viazul station.

Limonada--1.50 CUC. We loved the slushy lemonade.

Complimentary rolls were delicious

especially with the spreads--one was tomato based and the other was like a salsa.

Andalusian Gazpacho--2.25 CUC. This didn't have enough flavor.

Vegetable Soup of the Day that was included with the entree. This was good.

Filete de Pescado al Dorado--12 CUCs. Fish sauteed in butter with mushrooms, olives, aromatic herbs and rose wine. This was very tasty.

Pescado en Salsa de Cilantro--8 CUCs. The cilantro sauce had no flavor.

Flan--1 CUC

2017 03 10