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Thursday, February 2, 2017

El Coqui

I had a craving for El Coqui's sangria and piquidillo and talked my sister and friend into going with me. El Coqui is located at 400 Mendocino Avenue.

Their sangria is so good. We ordered a pitcher and we couldn't finish it. We each had 2 glasses and there was still another glass or two left.

Tostones Vegetariano--$9.99. Fried green plantains with avocado and onions. So good with their pique sauce.

I always order Picadillo with Scrambled Eggs--$14.25 + $1.75 for the egg. It's seasoned ground beef marinated with sofrito, served with rice and beans and sweet plantains or fried plantains, along with an avocado salad.

Mantecado de Coco con Guineos Frido--$7. Coconut ice cream with fried bananas. I wish there were more bananas.

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