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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Riverfront & Historic Steps

There are a lot of interesting buildings along the Savannah Riverfront.

The Chart House located in the oldest masonry building in Georgia. It was built before 1790 using ballast from Africa and the Caribbean.

The Bohemian Hotel--ranked as one of the best hotels in Savannah. There are 75 rooms and a rooftop bar overlooking the Savannah River and the 4th busiest port in the US.

One of the entrances to Factors Row--located on a bluff just above River Walk. Factors Row is now occupied by shops and restaurants and...

the Savannah Cotton Exchange. The current building was built in 1886. This was where cotton brokers set cotton prices worldwide.

Lion with Wings in front of the Cotton Exchange Building. The original lion dates to 1890 but was destroyed when a car crashed into it in 2008. It took 14 months to restore the lion.

Factor's Walk--A series of iron and concrete walkways connected the buildings to the bluff. The lower buildings were used as warehouses.

More warehouses

Stairs leading from Bay Street down the bluff to River Street are Historic Steps and can be very steep and scary.

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