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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kong Tofu & BBQ Korean Cuisine

Kong Tofu & BBQ Korean Cuisine, located at 19626 Stevens Creek Blvd in Cupertino, is one of my favorite Korean restaurants.

The banchans served with each meal--potatoes, chap chae (I love the glass noodle dish), fish cakes, bean sprouts, kim chee and seaweed. 

Soft Tofu Soup with Clams--$11.99. This was served with white rice or mixed grain purple rice (additional $0.39 and worth it). You can order it extra spicy, spicy, medium, mild, very mild or white. I had it mild and it was spicy enough. You can crack a raw egg in the soup. I couldn't taste the egg in the soup and not sure I needed the extra cholesterol.

Beef Noodle Soup--$11.99. The noodles were glass noodles. My husband thought the broth was not flavorful enough.

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