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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mendocino UNcrab, Beer & Wine Festival

In late January, Mendocino has an annual Crab, Beer & Wine Festival. This year, the crab season hasn't opened because of high levels of domoic acid (a neurotoxin produced by algae) in crab meat and viscera. The California Department of Public Health advisory warned people not to consume crab caught between the Oregon border and Santa Barbara county line. Sooooo...this year, Mendocino has the UNcrab, beer & wine festival. It started Jan 22 and runs through Jan 31.

Many of the wineries in Anderson Valley have "crab" bites to pair with their wine. Look for the festival sign. We visited a couple.

Lula Cellars is located at 2800 Guntley Road in Philo. It's a relatively new winery that opened in 2010. They boast award-winning Pinots and Zinfandels but I liked their Gewurtztraminer. For the UNcrab festival, they had NO crab bites.

Husch Vineyards is located at 4400 CA-128 in Philo. They did have a crab dip that was delicious. It was made with blue crab and not dungeness crab.

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