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Sunday, January 31, 2016


We had dinner at Raku. Turns out, the kids loved the tofu so we didn't need the pre-dinner snack at Big Wong's.

Housemade Tofu--$5.50. This is the best I've ever had. The tofu is so soft, silky and flavorful. We had 3 portions for the 5 of us.

Sashimi Salad--$14. This was loaded with fresh fish and the soy dressing was delicious.

Pig's Ears--$3. My favorite of the grilled items.

Kurobuta Pork Cheek--$4.25.

Duck with Balsamic Soy Sauce--$4.50, Kobe Beef Tendon--$3.50, Direct Flamed Eggplant--$4.50. I loved the eggplant. It was so tender.

Butter Sauteed Scallop with Soy Sauce--$7. This was the worst value of the entire dinner. It was just 1 scallop for $7. It wasn't even that tasty.

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