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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Allegiant to LAS

We flew Allegiant Air--the king of nickel and diming. I thought Norwegian Air was bad, but Allegiant was even worse.

My $202 ticket got me transportation from STS to LAS and back. It was extra to select a seat. It was extra to check a bag. It was even extra to bring a carry-on. It was extra to get a boarding pass at the airport. On the flight, it was extra to get water. Pretty soon, if you want to use the toilet or use a seatbelt on board, it'll be extra. I wonder when we'll need to provide our own life jackets?

When did airlines start competing to be the worst at customer service?

That's me on the left. I was able to bring a "personal bag" without paying a fee. I'm a pretty efficient packer and could bring everything I needed for 2 days and 3 nights in my bag, including strappy shoes and 2 evening outfits.

Our flight from STS to LAS was one of the bumpiest flights I have experienced. Even the flight attendant threw up.

The Vegas Strip is much more impressive at night but my night shot was fuzzy.

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