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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Restaurante El Solar

We arrived in town at 3:30 pm and were starving so we went in search of a late lunch. It was Sunday and many families were having their Sunday meal out.

We found Restaurante El Solar, located on Independencia and Raul Lamar.

Sangria--40 CUPs ($1.60) & Limonada--25 CUPs ($1)

Ajiaco--25 CUPs ($1). I had read about ajiaco and wanted to try it. This was a hearty stew with pork, chicken, vegetables and potatoes. This was so good.

I ordered lobster again but this time, there was an ammonia flavor so I sent it back. This lobster dish was 175 CUPs ($7).

Matajibaro--15 CUPs ($0.60)--a Camaguey specialty made with boiled bananas and fried pork. This was actually quite good.

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