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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Back in the USA

We had not heard any news about the rest of the world during our stay in Cuba. When we got to the airport in Camaguey, we found out about Stella--the mega storm that crippled air travel. Unfortunately, our connecting flight from FLL to SFO had been cancelled even though the weather was perfect in both cities. We were given the option of spending another night in Cuba (at our own expense) and leaving the next day when we would be able to connect to SFO or returning to FLL. The problem with returning was that there were no hotel rooms available in Fort Lauderdale.

We weren't sure how long the storm would affect air travel and decided that we would have more options if we returned to the US. Plus, we would be able to get internet access and have more research opportunities.

Our flight took off on time from Camaguey and landed 90 minutes later. We had flown JetBlue, which we found out had no reciprocity with any other airlines. We could wait for the next day to see if we could get a flight home or arrange our own travel at our own expense. Since the storm was predicted to get worse the next day, we decided to arrange our own travel.

We found a flight on another airline to SFO but it departed from MIA. Now, how to get to MIA. Fortunately, there was a TriRail train between the 2 airports. It was convenient.

Take the free shuttle from FLL to the train station.

Buy your ticket from the machines or wait in line to purchase from the station agent.

The ride took 45 minutes and cost $3.75/person. The train stops at MIA and the MIA mover carries passengers to the terminal.

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