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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ava Gene's

We made dinner reservations at Ava Gene's.

It's located at 3377 SE Division St.

Broccoli, Sprouted Barley, Almond, Horseradish--$13. This was delicious. The broccolini was perfectly blanched and there was a nice crunch.

Asparagus, Walnuts, Lemon, Pecorino Romano--$13. This was good but there was a little too much cheese.

"Tuscan Cavalry" (kale), Raw Cavolo Nero, Sarvecchio (Parmesan), Breadcrumbs--$13 for large. I loved this as well. The kale was so tender. 

We were there on Sunday and the special was a Spaccatelli with Sugo--$22. I loved the pasta. They were small rolled cigars and were cooked perfectly al dente. The sumo had pork shank, sausage and tomato.

I loved Ava Gene's much better than Le Pigeon. I'll be back.

2017 04 16

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