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Monday, July 17, 2017

Wine Tasting in Willamette Valley

After filling up our stomach with ramen, we went wine tasting in Willamette Valley.

Cooper Mountain Vineyards is located 20121 SW Leonardo Lane in Beaverton. There are a few patches of vineyards and huge houses beyond the vineyards.

There were 5 wines to taste for $15. They were all good. Their wines are reasonably priced. The Tocai is $22, Chardonnay "Old Vines" is $25 and the Pinots are $25-50.

They even had balsamic vinegar--$40. They were barrel aged for 15 years. This was as good as the balsamic vinegar we had in Modena, Italy for a fraction of the cost.

Our next stop was Eyrie (pronounced "Eye-ree") Vineyards, located at 935 NE 10th Ave. in McMinnville. The tasting room is in the center of town. Tasting fee is $10 (4 wines) or $20 (7 wines). Eyrie introduced Willamette Pinot Noir to the French but I liked Cooper Mountain better.

Our last stop was at Stoller Vineyards, located at 16161 NE McDougall Rd., Dayton. It's a beautiful winery with outdoor seating

and a view of Mt. Hood.

Wine tasting was $15 for 5 wines but the best thing was the Meat & Cheese Board for $25. The spiced filberts were especially delicious. They were coated with honey, cumin, coriander, salt, paprika and pepper. Yummm!

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