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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brasa Churrascaria

We ended Restaurant Week with dinner at Brasa Churrascaria, a Brazilian restaurant. It's located at 505 Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa.

Their Restaurant Week special was the Rodizio with a parade of meats, cold & hot sides, a glass of sparkling wine and a dessert for $29.

Portuguese Soup. I loved this. It had linguica.

Sides of white rice, lasagne, shepherd's pie, green salad with artichoke hearts and mangoes. Some tables got a plate of plantain, fried polenta strips, crispy yucca and Brazilian cheese bread. We weren't served the plate and by the time we saw other tables served, we were too full. Service definitely needs improvement and it was a common complaint on Yelp.

Servers came around with skewers of meat. If your card was green, they stopped and offered you a slice. The choices were Picanha (top sirloin)--a little chewy but it had nice flavor; garlic marinated top sirloin--again a little chewy but I loved the garlic marinade; bacon wrapped chicken breast--I didn't like this because it was dry; garlic marinated chicken thigh--my favorite chicken dish, juicy and flavorful; chicken wings--good but nothing too exciting; Calabresa sausage--my favorite dish of the evening, nice and lean cured pork sausage; pork loin with Parmesan cheese--very dry. They ran out of the linguica (garlic and thyme pork sausage). When you were done eating, you turned the card over and the parade of meat stopped.

Dessert of strawberries dipped in Brazilian caramel. It was like a thick dulce de leche.

Overall, I liked the experience. The usual cost of the meal is $40 and I don't think it's worth $40 but $29 is worth a try.

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