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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chez Imogenes

For our last meal in Paris, I wanted to have crepes and found Chez Imogenes at 25 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud.

It was Friday night. I called at 7 pm and they could accommodate us at 7:30 pm. We would have the table until 9 pm. Otherwise, we could eat after 9 pm. Since our apartment was just a 12-minute walk away, we took the 7:30 pm reservation. We eat fast. 

We started with a green salad for €4.10. 

Le Pelerine--scallops, seafood and leek sauce for €12.50. I wasn't that impressed with this dish. It was just okay. The leeks were long and stringy--too much for a crepe.

Andouille and emmental crepe--€8. The French andouille is actually made with pork intestines (luckily there was an English menu to explain all this). It was an interesting dish but I can imagine that most Americans would find this disgusting. It had a very strong intestine flavor but I liked it. I just couldn't eat too much of it.

Of course, I finished with a Nutella crepe--€4.60. I just love the chocolate hazelnut creaminess.

We had Pear Cider with our meal--€10.30. I love the pear flavor.

We were done by 8:45 pm.

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