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Friday, March 24, 2017

Bowen's Island Restaurant

Bowen's Island Restaurant is listed in 1000 Places to See Before You Die. Of course, we had to visit it. We rented a car and drove 20 minutes south to reach it.

The restaurant is known for its "oyster room." For $30, you can have all the oysters you can shuck and eat. Throw the shells in the hole in the center of the table.

Unfortunately, on the evening we visited, they had a corporate event and the oyster room was closed.

You can also order oysters a la carte. Half trays are $11. This was a full tray for $16.

Unfortunately, some of the oysters were caked with mud and not edible.

They're also known for "Frogmore Stew." This is their version of a Low-Country Boil. I thought this wasn't worth $14. It had a few sausage slices, a few shrimp, a few boiled potatoes and a corn.

The oysters are boiled in big pots.

This was the corporate event that disrupted our plans.

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