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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Packing for Cuba

Cuba is very limited in what they have. Bring all the toiletries and feminine hygiene products you will need. I also brought toilet paper. You will need it if you have to use the restroom outside of your casa particular or hotel.

I brought mosquito repellant. I didn't see any mosquitos in Havana but they were present in the rest of the country. Cuba does have Zika and if you're pregnant or plan on getting pregnant within 6 months, you should NOT go to Cuba. It's possible to get Chikungunya and dengue fever from mosquitos in Cuba. The likelihood of infection is low but if you were to get a fever and joint pains, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. There is no vaccine for any of these infections. Fortunately, medical care in Cuba is one of the best in the world and your airline ticket includes medical insurance in Cuba so you'll be able to get care while in Cuba.

You'll want to bring a basic medical kit, including ibuprofen and medications for diarrhea and colds.

Don't forget your sunscreen and a hat.

I used a backpack while in Cuba. It was convenient for bus travel. This is all I had for a 9-day trip. I rolled my clothes and put them in ziplock bags, organized by outfits. I had a pair of Croc sandals and that was all I needed for travel in March.

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