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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sights Around Charleston

The Charleston Visitor Center is located at 375 Meeting Street. They show a 20-minute film "Forever Charleston," highlighting sights in the city. It used to be free but now there is a charge to see the film. It was a boring film and not worth it.

Buses to the Charleston Airport depart from the Visitor Center. Cost is $2/person.

Statue of George Washington in Washington Park (also known as Washington Square), located at the corner of Broad and Meeting Street.

Washington Light Infantry Monument located in Washington Park. It's dedicated to the soldiers of the Washington Light Infantry who fought in the Civil War.

Around town, you'll find carriage blocks, which were used in the 19th century as stepping stones to get into carriages or to mount horses.

Another carriage block

Confederate columbiads (large cannons) that were used in the defense of Fort Sumter, now located in White Point Garden at the southern peninsula of the city. 

Statue of General William Moultrie located in White Garden. He aided in the American War of Independence and was also governor of South Carolina.

Walking along East Battery on the eastern side of the peninsula.

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