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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Carriage Ride

A popular thing to do in Charleston is to take a carriage tour.

Cost is $25/person and the rides are supposed to be an hour long. Our actual tour lasted closer to 35 minutes. Not sure if they count the loading and unloading of passengers as part of the hour.

Before you head out, you go to the "bingo box" to see which of 3 routes you take.

You'll pass charming alleys

and see beautiful homes.

We passed by the waterfront and saw million dollar mansions.

It was interesting that the balconies of the million dollar mansions on the waterfront don't face the water. They are on the side of the house, supposedly to take advantage of the breeze.

There's a lot of money in Charleston.

This one had a circular balcony and was absolutely beautiful.

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