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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Anatolian Kitchen

I met some friends in Palo Alto and tried a Turkish restaurant.

Anatolian Kitchen is located at 2323 Birch Street. It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and we sat outside.

Flatbread and olive oil mixed with spices arrived at the table when we sat down. Help yourself to the pitcher of water on the table.

We ordered Babaganoush--$6.95. This had a good texture but not quite the smokiness I like.

Adana Kebab Plate--$13.95. On the menu, it described marinated ground lamb and beef with spices, grilled on skewers and served with rice and sautéed vegetables. The adana kebabs were flat so if they were on skewers, they split them and then refried them. I got a salad instead of sautéed vegetables. The adana kebabs were spicy but didn't have much flavor beyond that. I couldn't even taste the lamb. I was disappointed.

Kunefe--$6.95. Shredded filo dough, filled with soft cheese and baked in syrup. I liked this. It was crispy on top and not too sweet.

Overall, I was disappointed. Yaz in San Jose and DishDash in Sunnyvale are so much better.

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