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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg is a city of 7000 and the largest on the Mendocino coast. It was founded as a military garrison before the Civil War. During its heyday, it was a lumber town but the mill was shut down in 2002. Commercial fishing plays a role in its economy now.

Town clock.

Guest House Museum. It served as the Fort Bragg Redwood Company's home for senior officials and VIP guests. The home was donated to the city of Fort Bragg in the 1990s and serves a museum today.

Nearby is the largest redwood in Mendocino county. It lived for over 1700 years--it started as a seedling in 190 and was cut down in 1943.

You can also catch the Skunk Train in Fort Bragg. It used to travel all the way to Willits but Tunnel #1 was damaged so leaving Fort Bragg, you can go only as far as Pudding Creek.

Visiting downtown Fort Bragg is like stepping back in town. There is still a functioning Sears store.

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