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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Restaurant Hazel

Restaurant Hazel is located at 3782 Bohemian Highway in Occidental. It occupies the site of the former Bistro des Copains.

They offered a $39 three-course dinner.

First course options were:

Organic mushroom soup--Porcini, maitake, pioppini mushrooms. This was under-salted and really didn't have much flavor.

Lamb Meatballs--Tomato compote, Valley Ford Cheese Company Estero Gold, Olivina Olive Oil, mint. This had good flavor but was swimming in a layer of grease.

The last option for the first course was Grilled Asparagus Salad, Watercress, Pugs Leap Sampson cheese, gribiche, Meyer lemon

The main course included:

Pork Schnitzel--Hazel sauerkraut, New Family Farms German Butterball potatoes. The schnitzel was tender and the sauerkraut was good but the dish was nothing special.

Seafood Stew--Halibut, Dungeness crab, PEI mussels, manila clams, grilled Hazel sourdough. This had a good broth but the halibut was tough and there really wasn't much crab.

Other main course options were Spring Vegetable Bucatini--Pea pesto, sugar snap peas, garlic, pecorino cheese and Roasted chicken with smashed Yukon potatoes, cream fraiche and green onions.

The dessert options were:

Bittersweet Pot de Crème, Amaretti Cookie, whipped cream. This also had tiny malt balls.

Mini Strawberry crumble pie, Three Twins vanilla ice cream

Hazel Sundae, Vanilla ice cream, Homemade chocolate hot fudge and caramel sauce, Candied almonds, Amerena cherries

The desserts were the best part of the meal.

Overall, this was not worthy of a $39 meal. We were disappointed.

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