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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

MaMa Chen's Kitchen

I've only been to MaMa Chen's Kitchen once and I didn't care for it. Meanwhile, it's gotten pretty good reviews so I thought I would try it again.

MaMa Chen's Kitchen is located at 19052 Stevens Creek Blvd in Cupertino and specializes in Taiwanese cuisine. I liked it a little better than last time but I won't go out of my way to eat there.

Spicy Pig Ear--$5. I love pig's ear but this was too sweet. The texture was good though.

Oyster Pancake--$6.50. This was actually pretty good. The only problem is that oysters in the US are so much larger than those in Taiwan. The dish is much better with tiny oysters.

Sauteed Pork Kidney with Sesame Oil--$13. The kidney was well cooked but the knife skills on this dish needed improvement. The kidney slices were huge and irregular.

Squid Potage Noodle--$6.75. I did not care for this at all. The soup was too thick and too sweet. There was no flavor and the noodles were too thick.

Beef Chow Fun--$8.25. This was not bad. It was a tad sweet though.

Glutinous Rice--$4. 

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