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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Brasa Churrascaria

Last night's dinner was at Brasa Churrascaria, located at 505 Mendocino Avenue. It's a Brazilian rodizio--all-you-can-eat meats for $29. It also included a buffet of cold and hot dishes. Last year, dessert of caramel-covered strawberries was included. This year, it was not included.

One of 2 soups available. This was a chicken soup with pretty good flavors. The other soup looked like a clam chowder.

Cold dishes included green salad, Caprese salad with tomatoes and mozzarella, watermelon, olive tapenade crisp. The hot items were minimal. The best dish was a potato casserole with chicken pieces in it. 

Brazilian cheese bread and plantains were brought to the table. This is what we missed out on last year.

Then, the parade of meats started. Picanha--sirloin coulotte, garlic marinated top sirloin, bacon wrapped chicken breast, garlic marinated chicken thigh, chicken wings, pork loin with Parmesan cheese, pork shoulder brined in apple vinegar and cider, beef shoulder marinated in garlic oil, peppercorns and sea salt and Calabresa sausages (cured pork sausage flavored with Calabresa chili pepper). My favorites were the bacon-wrapped chicken breast and the pork shoulder. The chicken was very moist and tender, as was the pork shoulder. The beef dishes were on the chewy side.

We had a bottle of Tinto Negro Malbec--$24. This actually paired well with all the meats.

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