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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Rejoining our French adventure... In Dijon, the walking trail is marked by an owl and is known as the Owl Trail. Purchase a brochure with trail details from the TI for €3.50. The tour may be done in as quickly as 1 hour but take your time and linger.

#1 on the trail is Jardin Darcy--Dijon's first public garden, created in 1880. It's guarded by the "white Bear," a tribute to Francoise Pompon, a famous animal sculptor.

#3 is Porte Guillaume. It was part of the town's ramparts until the 19th century when the ramparts were demolished and the Porte found itself freestanding.

#5 is the Covered Market. Market days are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

#6 is Place Francois Rude with a sculpture of a tree with a human face.

Edmond Fallot--the last remaining mustard manufacturer in Dijon. Step inside and taste the different mustard preparations. Fold the paper spoon in half and push on the plunger to get a serving of mustard.

#8 is Eglise de Notre  Dame. 

Notre Dame is topped by "Jacquemart," a Belgian clock that was taken by the duke and given to the people of Dijon in 1383. People made fun of his bachelor status so in 1651, Jacqueline was added. Then in 1714, their infertility was ridiculed and Jacquelinet was added. Jacquelinette was created in 1884 to complete the family.

#9 is the Owl. People rub it with their left hand and make a wish. It was damaged in 2001by a vandal with a hammer. Believe it or not, this is the restored owl. 

#10 Maison Milliere--house built in 1483 with wood-beamed walls filled with enameled brick. The cat was added in the 20th century. This house was used in the movie "Cyrano de Bergerac."

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