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Monday, November 23, 2015

Le Bouchon du Palais

Dinner was at Le Bouchon du Palais, ranked #7 on TripAdvisor. We had stopped in during our walking tour and reserved a table for dinner. 3-course dinner was €28.

This pinot was not a good as the pinot fin we had at Chez Leon. This was €26.

Camembert Frit et sa Confiture de Myrtille--fried Brie with bilberry jam. I had never heard of bilberry but it tasted like blueberry.

Cervelle d'Agneau Meuniere--lamb brains. This was lightly fried and very well prepared. This was my favorite dish of the evening.

Coq au Vin a l'ancienne with scalloped potatoes. The chicken was tender and the sauce was thin but tasty.

Andouillette AAAAA a la Dijonnaise--sausage stuffed with intestine. This was actually a lot better than the andouillette we had in Paris. The flavor was much milder.

Cheese Plate--Comte (firm cow's milk cheese), Citeaux (soft cow's milk cheese), Epoisses (soft, pungent cow's milk cheese)

Overall, I liked Chez Leon better than Le Bouchon du Palais and both better than 1 Michelin-star Stephane Derbord.

2015 09 23

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