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Thursday, April 28, 2016

SRJC Bakery & Cafe

The Santa Rosa Junior College has a culinary program and they showcase their skills at their Bakery & Cafe. The cafe is located at 1670 Mendocino Avenue and is open for lunch Wed-Fri when school is in session. The restaurant is in a beautiful bright space with an open kitchen.

Bread basket with focaccia, rustic grain bread and a delicious cheese bread.

Curried Thai Carrot Soup--$5. This was a huge bowl. It was thick and creamy.

Wilted Dino Kale, Shiitake Mushrooms, Roasted Beets, Fried Egg and Sherry Vinaigrette--$5. This was a good salad. The egg would''ve been better poached so the yolk can run all over the salad.

Pork Stew with Ginger, Cilantro, Lemongrass, Chilies, Coconut Milk, Basmati Rice--$10. This was a huge portion and pretty tasty.

Seafood Pasta with White Shrimp, Calamari, Smoked Tuna, Red Spring Onions, White Wine and Cream--$11.50. The bucatini was perfectly cooked al dente but the smoked tuna was a little overpowering.

Passion Fruit Pudding Cake, Roasted Pineapple, Cocoa Almond Tuile--$6. It also came with passion fruit sorbet. The whole dish was delicious and beautifully presented.

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