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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Williamson Winery

Williamson Winery in Healdsburg offers a food-and-wine pairing. Choose Fridge Food & Wine pairing at no cost, the Legacy Food & Wine Pairing for $25/person or the Icon Food & Wine Pairing for $50. I opted for the Icon pairing with some of their more exclusive wines but found a Groupon for half the cost.

Potato Leek Potage with Crispy Prosciutto, paired with 2013 Amourette Chardonnay--$45/bottle. The chardonnay was un-oaked and worked well with the creaminess of the potage.

Arancini with Duck Fat & Truffle Tremor on Plum Sauce, paired with 2013 Passion Pinot Noir--$75/bottle. The arancini was perfectly creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside without being greasy.

Red Velvet Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting, paired with 2013 Amour Merlot--$49. This Merlot is a clone of Chateau Petrus 181, widely regarded as one of the best wine in Bordeaux. One cookie had mint on top and it was amazing what a difference the little mint made.

Deconstructed Charcouterie Plate, paired with 2012 Clarissa Vin Rouge--$65. The marinated mushroom, combined with the marinated pepper, olive and salami was delicious with the vin rouge.

Chateaubriand with Gorgonzola Compound Butter, paired with 2012 Indulge Cabernet Sauvignon--$72. The gorgonzola was creamy and delicious with the cabernet.

Slider with Tasty Meat Sprinkle with Balsamic, Garlic & Herb Jam and a smear of Black Garlic Aioli with Honey, paired with 2010 Elate Grange Cuvee--$75. 

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