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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Finding Pickled Tongue

On the way out of Bakersfield, we looked for a deli to take some pickled tongue home. It was 12/26 and not much was open.

We found Country Club Liquors & Deli, located at 3737 Columbus.

Pickled tongue was $11.99/lb. There wasn't much left but we did get close to a pound. Unfortunately, when we got home, we discovered there was a lot of dressing in the cup so the actual amount of tongue was much less than a pound. I should have watched them load the cup and asked them to leave the extra dressing off.

We also ordered sandwiches. I got the Smokin' T for $6.49. It was a couple slices (yes, just 2 thin slices) of smoked turkey breast, crispy bacon (heated in the microwave), Swiss cheese and special BBQ sauce (really? it tasted like KC BBQ) on a Pyrenees French roll. The roll was stale. Such a disappointing sandwich. I shouldn't have wasted the calories.

To top it all off, they had Dewar's chews--$15.99 for 12 oz box ($14.49 at Dewars so not much of a markup). I asked when they got the candy and they said it had been delivered 4 days ago. Normally, Dewar's chews last a few weeks so I thought we would save the drive to Dewar's and purchased the candy from Country Club. When we got home, the chews were hard and clearly not just a few days old.

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