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Friday, January 13, 2017

Luigi's, Bakersfield

I remembered great ravioli at Luigi's the last time we went. Luigi's is located at 725 E. 19th Street in Bakersfield.

I love the pickled tongue. Tongue for One--$3.50. It's marinated in an Italian dressing.

Antipasto served with each entree. You have the choice of hard or soft roll (I like the soft roll--chewy), salami, marinated carrot, peperoncini and a slice of Provolone.

I ordered the large beef ravioli--$13.95. It came with 1/2 sausage. I loved the sausage--nice and lean and full of flavor. The raviolis were good but it was covered with fake Parmesan cheese. I should have asked for it without the cheese.

My husband ordered the Truffle Saccheeti--small for $13.95. It was filled with ricotta and black truffle. Sauce of brown butter, sage and Parmigiano Reggiano.

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