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Monday, January 30, 2017

Wine & Chili Pairing Competition

If you're a member of the Wilson Wineries, you were invited to their 1st Annual (shouldn't it be Inaugural?) Wine & Chili Pairing Competition. Visit each of their 9 wineries to taste their wine paired with a chili.

We visited 6 of the 9 wineries. Wilson Winery didn't have a chili pairing and Greenwood Ridge and Jaxon Keys were too far away to fit them in. The event went from 11 am to 4 pm.

We were assigned to pick up our wristbands and commemorative tasting glass at Mazzocco. They served Pork Apple Chili with 2013 Warm Springs Ranch Zinfandel. The chili was good but the Warm Springs Ranch wasn't my favorite Zin. They also poured a 2014 Briar, Verano and Sullivan Zinfandel. My favorite was the Verano.

Our next stop was DeLorimier Winery. They served a Coconut Chicken Chili paired with their Chardonnay. This was more like a Thai curry rather than a chili.

They also poured a 2012 Kenneth Carl Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, which retails for $150, $90 to club members. This was a very generous taste.

Next up was Soda Rock Winery with Wild Boar Chili, paired with Wild Boar Red Blend. I think they forgot the chili powder in this. It had no taste.

Pezzi King served Ragin' Cajun Chili with their Zinfandel. In my opinion, this was the best chili of the entire day.

Matrix Winery ran out of their Beef Chili Frito Pie by the time we got there at 2:30 pm.

Our last stop was St. Anne's Crossing in Kenwood. They had a Vegetarian Chili, which was quite good. It was paired with their 2014 Syrah, Slattery Vineyard.

It was a fun afternoon but after all the tasting, I went home and took a 2 hour nap.

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