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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Leopold's Ice Cream

Just down the street from Savannah Seafood Shack is Leopold's Ice Cream. This is THE place to have ice cream in Savannah, according to many people.

Leopold's was founded in 1919 by 3 Greek brothers. Today, it's owned by Stratton Leopold, the youngest son of one of the Greek brothers. Stratton was the producer for several blockbusters, including the Big Chill and Mission Impossible 3.

The "super premium" ice cream is handcrafted in downtown Savannah.

Single scoop--$4. This was Chocolate Chewies and Cream--crispy chewy chocolate cookies with Georgia pecans in classic vanilla ice cream. This was good but I'm not sure it was worth $4.

Double scoop--$5.50. Peppermint--peppermint ice cream with old fashioned peppermint candies.

Props from MI3.

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