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Monday, April 20, 2015

Who Needs the Amazing Race When There's Geocaching?

After the audition, my race partner introduced me to Geocaching. How come I had never heard of it and it's been played since 2000? Here's the link to the website:

Using a mobile app, you read clues to help you find the location of a hidden box. You can also use GPS coordinates. I prefer the clues because it's more like a game.

We were near the Ferry Building and found a geocache nearby at Mission & Steuart. It was called One to All.

Fortunately, this had a difficulty of 1 and was on easy terrain--perfect for our first geocache. We were so excited when we found it! I love treasure hunts and this was a great game.

Apparently, there are geocaches all over the world. Can't wait to find more of them.

2015 04 18

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