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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Burmese Bistro

Another of my favorite ethnic cuisine is Burmese. I found Burmese Bistro at 2135 El Camino Real in Santa Clara.

Palata & Dip (Coconut Chicken Curry Sauce)--$6. This was just okay. The palata didn't have many layers and the curry sauce was bland. I like the one at Layang Layang better.

Yellow Pea Fritter--$6. I had ordered Tofu Fritter but the server wrote down Yellow Pea Fritter. This was a hard fritter that was flavorless. The sauce helped but I wouldn't order this again.

Tea Leaf Salad--$10. Pickled tea leaves (simmered in peanut oil) on a bed of Romaine, tomato with toasted garlic, crispy yellow bean, roasted sesame seeds and peanuts, squeeze of lemon.

The server tosses the salad at the table and this is what it looks like after tossing. The salad has great flavor and tastes like nothing else I have eaten. It has a nice crunch with all the ingredients.

Fish Noodle Soup--$9. Fish simmered with lemongrass, garlic, onion, ginger, yellow pea topped with bean fritter and thin rice noodles. Egg, lemon, cilantro and chili powder included. This also had a nice flavor.

Burmese Style Chicken Biryani--$13. Braised chicken breast and leg buried in a big pot baked with biryani rice, raisins and cashew nuts. I also liked this dish.

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