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Saturday, February 13, 2016

El Camino Mongolian BBQ

Ever since we were in college, we loved Colonel Lee's Mongolian BBQ in Mountain View. Several years ago, it became New Mongolian BBQ. We had a craving for Mongolian BBQ but were in Santa Clara. Yelp helped us find El Camino Mongolian BBQ, located at 3380 El Camino Real.

Put your meats (choice of chicken, pork, beef and/or lamb) or tofu in the tan bowl and the noodles and vegetables in the green bowl. Add a combination of sauces. The meats are cooked first then the noodles and vegetables are added and cooked.

End result. I added curry sauce to mine and loved the dish. There was a side buffet of chicken soup, fried rice, egg rolls and fried chicken. The chicken was overcooked but the egg rolls were crispy and delicious. It was all-you-can-eat for $13.35.

2016 01 30

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