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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Casa Particulares

We stayed in casa particulares in Cuba. They're private homestays and may be a bedroom (usually with an en-suite bathroom) or an entire apartment/house. They're identified with a blue symbol.

They're similar to bed and breakfasts but breakfasts are often not included in the room rate. Breakfasts are usually 3-5 CUCs per person and typically include eggs, toast, fruit and coffee.

You can find casa particulares on Airbnb or at I used Airbnb and had no problems with any of my reservations. I was able to pay for the accommodations with a credit card before arriving in Cuba.

I was notified by the owners with directions on how to get to their rental. They also let me know costs for taxis from the airport or bus station to their rental. They appreciate knowing approximate time of your arrival. If they respond in Spanish, use google translate.

The casa particulares provide bedding, towels and soap. Bring your own shampoo and toiletries. Toilet paper is provided but it's not as soft as what we're used to in the US. Plumbing in Cuba is like plumbing in other parts of the world. Don't throw any toilet paper or feminine products in the toilets or risk stopping up the entire system.

There's usually a refrigerator for your use--either in your room or in the common kitchen. Often, they're filled with beer, sodas and bottled water for purchase.

Electricity is 110V so no converter or adapter is necessary. The outlets are labeled either 110V or 220V.

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