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Monday, April 17, 2017


Obispo is a busy street that links Plaza de Armas with Parque Centrale.

Hotel Ambos Mundos, located at 153 Obispo, was Hemingway's Cuban base for 10 years. You can visit Room 511, where his typewriter is still present.

Farmacia Tacquehel is located at 155 Obispo. It was one of Habana's prestigious 19th century pharmacies. It's a functioning pharmacy, specializing in natural medicines.

It still has the original cash register. Notice the jars of medicines in the background.

Drogueria Johnson (Johnson Drug Store), another 19th century pharmacy, is located on the corner of Obispo & Aguiar. It too has a lot of medicine jars.

The 3rd 19th century pharmacy in Habana Vieja is La Reunion, located at 41 Treniente Rey. It was the largest pharmaceutical business of its times in the Americas.

It's a working pharmacy but also a museum. Although admission is free, a sales clerk will ask you for a donation.

There's an interesting display of 19th century medicine. The signs are in Spanish.

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