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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Plaza Vieja

Walking down Mercaderes, you'll hit Plaza Vieja.

Plaza Vieja (Old Plaza) is not the oldest square in Habana--it was built after Plaza de Armas. 

Most of the buildings in the square have been renovated. 

It was initially used for military exercises then served as a marketplace.

Fenced in fountain at one edge of the plaza.

The plaza features a Camara Obscura (tall building on the left) that allows you to tour Habana Vieja and the bay in 10 minutes. Next to it (in the blue building) is a photography gallery featuring temporary works. In the past, there have been National Geographic photos. The gallery is free to tour. Next to it is the Planetario--admission is 10 CUCs. It's not impressive but something fun for children to do.

There are many restaurants

 and even modern shops in the plaza.

Interesting sculpture of woman with fork riding a rooster. We found school children doing calisthenics nearby. There is a primary school in the plaza as well.

Estancia Bohemia--boutique apartments available for rent.

Just a block from Plaza Vieja is the tiny Aqvarivm (Aquarium). Admission is 1.50 CUC and apparently there is a prehistoric manjuari on display. It's also known as a Cuban gar:

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