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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Bayfront

From Oficios, turn left to reach the waterfront. You can stop in the Museo del Ron Havana Club, which traces the history and details of rum production. It's supposed to be a good tour and admission is 7 CUCs.

Further down is Sacra Catedral Ortodoxa Rusa--Cuba's only Russian Orthodox Church, opened in 2008. It's estimated that there are 5-10,000 Russians in Havana, many of whom moved here after 1959, when Cuba established diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.

From here, you can walk along the bayside promenade although it's still in development. There's a ferry terminal where you can catch ferries to the eastern side of the bay to visit the Parque Morro-Cabana. This is mainly used by locals and cost 0.10 CUP (less than a penny). Ferries leave every 30 minutes.

Walking north along the bay front, you'll pass the cruise ship terminal.

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