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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sloppy Joe's Bar

My husband's grandparents spent their honeymoon in Havana and they had a picture of themselves at Sloppy Joe's Bar. We went to the bar to see if we could recreate the picture.

Sloppy Joe's Bar is located at Agramonte & Animas. It was a popular hangout for American tourists during Prohibition and its popularity continued until the 1950s. It was described as one of the most famous bars in the world by the LA Times. 

Business sank when the US embargo took effect and in the 1960s a fire closed it. The building remained intact but was an empty shell until 2007, when restoration was begun by the Office of the Historian of Havana. The bar finally reopened in 2013.

There were lots of pictures on the walls in the exact style as my husband's grandparents' picture. There was even a woman in some of the pictures who was in his grandparents' picture. The bartender told us it was probably the owner's wife who used to hang out in the bar and take pictures with the tourists.

Order a drink and get potato chips and chicharron (fried pork rind).

We even ordered what they had to drink--a pina colada--4 CUCs. I was not a fan of this. The coconut milk was overpowering.

His grandmother had a Negroni--5 CUCs. During its heyday, Sloppy Joe's offered over 80 different cocktails. I'm not sure there were that many on the menu today. In any event, the bar was quiet and probably not quite as popular as in the past.

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