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Sunday, April 23, 2017


At #25 Malecon is Nazdarovie, a Soviet restaurant with a great view of the sea. The menu says that the restaurant celebrates the social and cultural bond between the people of Cuba and the people of the ex-Soviet Union. Nazdarovie is a toast "to your health."

From Habana Vieja, you can take a shortcut through this dilapidated alley to get to the Malecon.

We sat on the balcony with a wonderful view of the sea.

Mojitos--3 CUCs. If you prefer a taste of the Soviet Union, you can also choose from 12 different Vodkas.

Marinated Eggplant--3 CUCs. This was served cold and delicious.

Pielmeni Siberiano--4.90 CUCs. Russian style raviolis filled with ground beef and pork and garnished with sour cream and herbs. Another delicious dish. The dill worked well with the sour cream.

Golubets--5.10 CUCs. Cabbage roll stuffed with meat, rice and spices, cooked in a fresh tomato sauce and sour cream.

Borsch--4.40 CUCs. This was not what I expected. It was beet soup with chunky vegetables. It had good flavor.

Beef Stroganoff--13.50 CUCs. I liked this dish. The beef was tender and the sauce was creamy.

Our waitress wore a t-shirt that said "Back to the Havana."

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