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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Local Parks and Street Food in Havana

Just a short walk from our casa particular, we came upon a small park.

There was a statue of El Sancho de la Habana by Leo D'Lazaro.

The park had some trash and there was a crumbling building nearby. I was surprised to even see a homeless person.

It was Sunday afternoon and there was a long line of Cubans waiting for snacks.

A cone of croqueta. We got a mix of ham, cheese and chicken. These were terrible--mushy and not much flavor. Definitely not worth 1 CUC.

The stand also sold churros.

The churros were much better. 1 cone for 1 CUC although the sign said only 0.50 CUC. 

Away from the touristy area, churros were much less expensive. I didn't have moneda nationals but the vendor was nice enough to let me pay in CUCs (she took 0.25 CUCs for this).

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