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Friday, April 28, 2017

Habana 61

We had dinner at Habana 61 one night. Before I left the US, I made a reservation online:

The restaurant is located at, you guessed it, 61 Habana.

It's a modern restaurant that was packed with tourists.

Glass of White Wine--3.50 CUCs. This was a Spanish wine and pretty good.

Cristal beer--2 CUCs.

Seviche--4.95 CUCs. This was delicious--Peruvian style marinated raw fish.

Ensalada de Pulpo a la Cubanita--6.75 CUCs. This was an octopus salad that was very well prepared. The octopus was tender and not chewy.

Ropa Vieja--6.95 CUCs. I liked this better than the one at Dona Eutimia.

Pescado Mantequilla de Alcaparra (fish with caper butter)--8.25 CUCs. This was my favorite dish. The fish was tender and the caper butter was delicious.

The entrees were served with beans 

and white rice

Flan--2.50 CUCs. Another thick & creamy flan.

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