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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kumino Restaurant

Kumino Restaurant in Mountain View was started by two chefs who went to the CIA at Hyde Park. One worked at Manresa while the other worked at Momofuku in New York. Kumino is located at 580 N. Rengstorff in a nondescript mall.

Pork Belly Bun--$3.50. This was a good sized appetizer and can be cut in half and shared. The pork belly was tender and not too fatty but the sauce was not memorable. A better hoisin sauce would have improved it.

My sister ordered the Poached Salmon Rice Bowl--$14.50. It came with a poached egg, pickled cucumber (the yellow thing) and miso butter. Some people on yelp described it as sweet but my sister didn't think it was sweet at all. This was a light lunch but a large enough portion that it was filling.

Fried Chicken Cutlets Rice Bowl--$11.50. It had pumpkin curry, baby carrots and apple chutney. The chicken was well prepared and not greasy. It needed a little more flavor--either more curry or more chutney.

I ordered the Pork Noodle Soup--$12. You know that I judge all ramen against Orenchi and this was just okay. It wasn't bad but not memorable. The broth was a little too smoky, probably from the pulled pork. I liked the spinach but didn't care for the kimchee. The poached egg was not as good as the soft boiled egg at Orenchi.

Another friend ordered the Garlic Noodle with Charsiu--$12. She thought the sauce was too sweet.

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