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Saturday, December 24, 2016


After leaving Treviso, we dropped our rental car back at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice. We took the ACTV bus into Venice. The ACTV is a city bus and takes just over 30 minutes to get into town. It makes a few stops en route. A ride into town is €8, but it's included in a Vaparetto Pass. The 2-day Vaparetto Pass is €42 per person. It's pricey but since each Vaparetto ride is €7.50, the pass is worth it.

An alternate bus into town is the ATVO. It's non-stop to Venice and takes about 20 minutes. Cost for the ATVO is about the same as the ACTV but the ATVO is not part of the Vaparetto Pass.

You can buy tickets at machines near the bus stop outside the airport terminal. The ACTV bus into town is the No. 5 Aerobus. Both buses terminate at Piazzale Roma in Venice. If your hotel is not close to the Piazzale Roma, you may want to take a water taxi but it's much more costly.

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