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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Grand Canal Cruise

Download Rick Steves' tour of the Grand Canal: and follow along.

Hop on Vaparetto #1 and enjoy the 45-minute tour from Piazzale Roma to S. Zaccaria. We took it at the end of the day and the lighting was just right.

Leaving Piazzale Roma, you'll pass the Calatrava Bridge. This was built in 2008 and was quite controversial because of how modern it looked.

Ferrovia (train station), built in 1954.

Church of San Marcuola with its unfinished facade. It was erected in the 12th century.

Turkish Fondaco Exchange, now housing the Natural History Museum.

Casino where Richard Wagner died. The casino is now run by the state to avoid control by the mafia.

San Stae Church dedicated to Saint Eustachio.

Ca Pesaro--Baroque marble palace now housing the Gallery of Modern Art.

Ca d'Oro--one of the older palaces in the city and now a gallery.

Rialto Bridge--the oldest of 4 bridges spanning the Grand Canal. Shops line the bridge.

Palazzo Balbi--palace of early 18th century captain general with 2 obelisks. 

Ca Foscari--main building of the University of Venice.

Academia Bridge--wooden bridge leading to the Academia Gallery.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Salute Church

Customs House, now housing an art museum.

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