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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

The next morning, we drove 15 km and 25 minutes from Cortina to Misurina. From there, a 7 km toll road (toll is a steep €25) took us to Refugio Auronzo and Tre Cime. 

Dramatic scenery on the way to Refugio Auronzo.

Refugio Auronzo is the start of a 10 km, 3 1/2 hour hike around Tre Cime. Altitude gain is 340 m.

There is a huge parking lot at the refugio. You can have a meal with a view or even spend the night.

The route starts out flat

on a wide former military track.

30 minutes later, you reach the Refugio Lavaredo, backed by Croda Passaporto. Again, you can have a meal here or spend the night.

The back side of Tre Cime.

The route had beautiful views, if you looked straight ahead. Unfortunately, it was quite crowded and there was quite a bit of trash on the trail. After the incredibly clean trails in Slovenia, this was disappointing. Nothing worse than seeing toilet paper on the side of the trail. Come on, people, the refugios are less than an hour apart. You can't wait an hour to use the bathroom?

Signposts give you distances in minutes.

The 3 peaks of Tre Cime are spectacular.

Refugio Locatelli, an hour from Refugio Lavaredo, is perched on an outcrop. 

Refugio Langalm offers another rest. From here, it's about 30 minutes back to Refugio Auronzo.

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