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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I had never been to Verona and was happy my husband agreed on the detour. Verona is a very walkable city. We parked outside the city gates, near Piazza Citadella.

Only a small portion of the old city wall remains. This old gate is part of the wall. After parking, we walked through the gate to enter the old town of Verona.

Just inside the gate is Piazza Bra, the largest piazza in Verona and some say the largest in Italy. It's lined with cafes and shops. This is the start of Rick Steves' walking tour. 

 Comune di Verona (City Hall), on one side of the Piazza.

Arena di Verona--Roman amphitheater built in the 1st century, now host to concerts and operas. It's the 3rd largest amphitheater in Italy. On the day of our visit, there was a free concert but it wasn't until the evening so we couldn't attend. I was disappointed because it would've been fun to attend a concert in an ancient amphitheater.

Porta Borsari--the main entrance to Roman Verona. Back then, this functioned as a tollbooth into town.

Medieval nobles showed off their wealth with towers.

While Renaissance nobles showed off with finely painted facades.

Piazza Erbe--another square in Verona, once the old town's forum during the time of the Roman Empire.

During medieval times, this stone canopy held scales where merchants weighed the goods bought and sold.

Piazza de Signori, with it's status of Dante. Dante was exiled from Florence and Verona granted him asylum.

From one arch in Piazza de Signori hangs a whale rib bone. It was likely brought back by a traveling merchant, reminding the people there was a big world out there.

Tombs of the Scaligeri family. They were the most prominent family who ruled in the 13th-14th century. They were to Verona what the Medici were to Florence.

Sant'Anastasia, a Gothic church of the Dominican order. The facade was never finished.

Sant'Anastasia is located near the Adige River, which takes a bend through the city. The Ponte Pietra footbridge spans the river.

Duomo--Verona's Roman Catholic Cathedral. This is also located on the Adige River, not far from the Sant'Anastasia.

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