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Monday, December 5, 2016

Tale of Two Lakes

Back to Italy...  On the way back to Cortina from Tre Cime, we stopped at Chalet Lago Antorno.

The chalet is located across the street from the small lake, Lago Antorno.

It's specialty is polenta fungi.

Further down the road is Lake Misurina.

The Grand Hotel Misurina is located on the lake. It's so majestic.

We stopped at the Despar store. There is a parking lot in front of the building. Make sure you display the time you parked or risk getting a ticket. Our rental car came with a time wheel--all we had to do was set our arrival time and we were all set.

There was gelato in the Despar store--it was not good and the portion was small for €1.50. I shouldn't have wasted the calories.

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