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Monday, December 19, 2016

Sarni Lunch

I convinced my husband to travel via Verona to get to our hotel for the night in Treviso. It was a longer drive but a faster drive because we were on the autostrada. Being on the autostrada meant roadside food. I was still in search of the fabulous Italian autostrada food I had heard so much.

We stopped at Sarni.

This was a giant arancini--€2. It was cold so you heated it in the microwave. Meh--this was disappointing.

I ordered the 3 pasta special--€7.95. It included lasagna, cannelloni & gnocchi. It was just okay. The pasta was surprisingly a little mushy.

My husband ordered the "stinco XXL"--€10.95. This was a giant pork leg. It was tender but didn't have much flavor. It came with a small salad and potatoes. The potatoes were the best part of the meal--crispy on the outside, cooked through and with a nice rosemary flavor. I think I set my expectations too high for autostrada food.

2016 09 13

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