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Monday, December 26, 2016


After we checked into our hotel, we took the Vaparetto to the island of Murano. We walked back to Piazzale Roma and hopped on a Vaparetto with our pass. We got off at Colonna in Murano. It was a 20-minute ride.

Murano is known for glass and there was a beautiful glass sculpture near the Murano clock tower. It's called "Comet Glass Star" by Simone Cenedese. Simone has a gallery and glass shop on the island.

It's fun to wander around Murano.

Santa Maria e San Donato, located near the Glass Museum, is one of the oldest churches in the Venetian lagoon. It was built in the 7th century.

Lighthouse on Murano.

As you walk around, you'll see groups of people peering into workshops.

In the workshops are glassblowers at work.

Murano is an island with several sections. Bridges connect the sections.

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